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Happiness Delivered: Coca-Cola’s Mastery of Millennial Buyers

Earlier this week, we kicked off a three-part series of blogs dedicated to brands that are doing a stellar job of engaging millennial buyers. (If you missed it, we covered all-star millennial marketer Converse; you can read the post here.) In today’s installment, we’re switching gears. What about brands whose products can’t be flaunted as easily […]

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March 02, 2016

How to Build a Picture-Perfect Instagram Post (and Presence!)

It’s no surprise that brands are turning away from traditional advertising and shifting to branding platforms such as Instagram—the place where millennials are spending a majority of their time—in order to reach consumers. The big takeaway here is that content is still king. It’s not solely about how often you post either (even though this […]

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February 04, 2016

This Week in Visual: November News

Happy November! This week, we take a look at how brands are leveraging images across important marketing channels to engage and convert customers. 1. November and December drive 30% more ecommerce revenue than non-holiday months. Consumers have a lot of gifts to buy, and marketers have a lot of compelling content to create in order […]

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November 06, 2015

This Week in Visual: The Evolution of Social

Welcome back! In this week’s roundup, you’ll find a handful of handy articles on the rise of “social shopping” and the future of social ads. Let’s get to it. 1. According to a new study by eMarketer, 32.3% of U.S. companies will use Instagram for marketing activities this year, and this number will jump to […]

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October 23, 2015

Test Your Millennial Marketing IQ

By now, you might know that millennials have surpassed Gen Xers as the largest generation in the U.S. labor force. Soon, this demographic will carry the bulk of the spending power. The bottom line? Marketers that fail to produce relevant content will miss out on loyal relationships with these valuable consumers. But with a solid […]

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August 10, 2015

This Week in Visual: Multichannel Marketing and Ecommerce Trends

This week, we take a look at some of the creative ways brands are leveraging imagery to tell powerful stories, and what key trends are on the horizon. Let’s get started. 1. Harrods celebrates love of craft through multichannel campaign. “British department store Harrods is showcasing the passion behind the handcrafted luxury goods it sells […]

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August 07, 2015

10 Ways to Be a Smartr Tumblr Marketr

So you want to leverage Tumblr, but you’re still pondering how to build a blog that both connects with your customers and represents your brand? Tumblr users are among the most dialed in of any social audience, especially when you narrow in on millennials, the platform’s core demographic. In a November 2014 survey conducted by […]

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July 06, 2015

This Week in Visual: Platforms Reaching Brands, Brands Reaching Consumers

Another week, another round of noteworthy platform updates and creative campaigns. While Pinterest has been hard at work opening its doors to developers, tons of brands have been launching visual initiatives on various platforms to effectively reach their target audiences. Let’s take a look. 1. At long last, Pinterest is opening up to developers. “Pinterest […]

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May 08, 2015

Marketing to Millennials: Curalate Gets Schooled on the Power of Gen Y

What a treat. Yesterday afternoon, the entire Curalate Team—from Philly to Seattle to New York—gathered via Google Hangout to participate in a masterfully executed Lunch ‘n’ Learn with our very own Content Strategist, Stephanie – the resident expert in audience demographics. Among her favorite demographics is also one of the most important for brands to […]

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February 11, 2015

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