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Instaglam! An Instagram Analysis of New York Fashion Week

Social media has truly upended the way consumers interact with their favorite brands during Fashion Week, giving fans access to shows and behind-the-scenes footage that would otherwise only be available to those with a VIP pass.

Yet this year’s Fall/Winter showing may have been the starkest example to date of how social media is changing the way designers approach the event. To leverage the social buzz and excitement their exhibitions get on platforms like Instagram, a number of designers chose to break the status quo this year by promoting their spring 2016 lines rather than their upcoming fall ones, giving consumers all over the world a chance to immediately start browsing and buying their favorite pieces once they’ve hit the runway. In the past, consumers would have had to wait at least six months.

Designer Rebecca Minkoff did just that with her #SeeBuyWear show, giving fans the chance to actually purchase items from her spring collection right away instead of just sharing their favorites on Instagram and forgetting about it until fall. And Burberry is following suit – the iconic British brand announced earlier this year that it is set to move toward a see-now, buy-now model similar to Minkoff’s.

A Flurry of Excitement

During New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016, over 427K Instagram images were shared, which generated more than 113 million engagements, with social influencers, bloggers and models getting in on the action just as much as (if not more than) the brands themselves.

In the below infographic, Curalate takes a look at which images saw the highest engagements, as well as which brands, influencers and celebrities rocked this season’s shows.

An Instagram Analysis of New York Fashion Week F/W 2016

Instagram Analysis New York Fashion Week

4 Instagram Insights from New York Fashion Week F/W 2016

1. Engagement On the Rise

During NYFW F/W 2016, 427K images were shared, generating more than 113 million social engagements. Year-over-year, this is a 47% increase in images and a 30% increase in engagements, proving that Instagram continues to be a powerful medium for brands that want to join in the New York Fashion Week conversation.

2. The Influencer Effect

New York Fashion Week Instagram Influencers

Brands and designers may own the runway, but models and influencers dominated the show. Of the top 10 Instagram images by total engagements, eight were taken by models and influencers, including models and social influencers Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren as well as Russian YouTube Influencer Kate Clapp. Both Jay and Alexis’ snapshots feature the models, lip-locked.

3. I’m With The Brand

Fashion Brands on Instagram

The top three images shared by fashion brands came from Michael Kors, Forever 21 and Calvin Klein. None of these images were specifically of the designers’ clothing or shows, but rather of models, celebrities and influencers (Blake Lively, Taye Hansberry of Stuff She Likes, and model Emily Ratajkowski respectively). While New York Fashion Week continues to provide a valuable opportunity for influencers to connect with their fans during a popular (and once private) event, brands are also benefitting from leveraging these prominent users.

4. Kim K. Epitomizes Insta-Kool

New York Fashion Week Celebrity

The most popular Instagram image shared during the Fall/Winter 2016 show was posted by Kim Kardashian. Kim’s promotion of the New York Fashion Week official app garnered nearly 800K engagements alone.

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