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4 Ways Travel Brands Can Soar on Snapchat

The average Snapchat user’s Story is a visual diary of their day. Followers see what people are eating, wearing and where they’re staying, among other things. These visual moments can also be animated with filters, emojis and fun effects. The end result is an inside look into someone’s lifestyle, whether it’s funny, aspirational, clever, or promotional. (For reference: Read up on DJ Khaled’s […]

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April 08, 2016

This Week in Visual: You’re Invited! Pinterest Rolls Out Promoted Pins

Well, it’s official. The weather outside is frightful. But luckily for you, this week’s roundup brings us lots of delightful news. Whether you’re still catching up from the holidays or, like us, simply looking for excuses to stay indoors, your weekly dose of visual updates awaits. Happy 2015! 1. After much speculation, Pinterest finally rolls out […]

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January 08, 2015

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