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Contextual Email for Travel and Hospitality Marketers

The following blog was contributed by Amy Mullen, Senior Manager of Content Marketing at Movable Ink. Movable Ink helps email marketers make the No. 1 ROI channel work even harder with dynamic and contextually relevant content. They believe that marketing can delight, compel and engage. But all too often, that opportunity is lost with one-size-fits-all messaging delivered to the masses. It is their mission to broaden the possibilities in the way we communicate, and create truly personalized, one-to-one interactions between brands and their customers at a massive scale.


Did you know the travel and hospitality industry had the highest email open rate among 17 industries included in a recent study by Silverpop? And the second highest click-through rates, according to that same study. This is good news for the travel marketer, but it’s only the beginning when you’re trying to grow a loyal fan base.

To succeed in the travel industry, you need to keep your customers happy and engaged throughout their experience with you: from that first email touchpoint, through booking their trip, and even as they’re posting glowing reviews.

There are many factors that contribute to a happy customer, and technology continues to raise their expectations. Today, a successful email campaign takes personalized, contextual messaging that enriches the traveler’s experience.

One way to provide a contextual experience is to use consumer data to tailor emails to the individual. But collecting that data can be a challenge. User preference centers usually have low participation rates, and long sign-up forms fail to collect the kind of detailed user data needed to tailor messaging.

Using progressive profiling techniques to gradually collect deeper insights about a consumer can be a more effective approach. This type of profiling uses polls within emails that create an engaging, interactive experience and encourages subscribers to participate.

Giving customers an opportunity to vote for their favorite destinations, or other travel preferences, right in the email, allows you to use that data to send offers that are more relevant to them, and that they’re more likely to act on.


In this example, the recipient is asked to share what style of traveler they are. Do they like a relaxing, lounge-about vacation or an action-packed getaway? Then the next email they receive offers a personalized message and vacation packages that match their travel preferences.

By offering personalized messaging and travel packages that are more relevant to the reader, you’re not only increasing ROI with offers they’re more likely to act on, you’re creating an experience that will make them a loyal fan.

For more contextual travel email examples, check out this playbook from Movable Ink. It’s also packed with email tips and best practices designed specifically for today’s travel and hospitality marketers.

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Stephanie Wharton

Stephanie Wharton, Content Strategist

Stephanie is a Content Strategist at Curalate. She enjoys analyzing data and writing about consumer trends.


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