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Behind the Scenes With Curalate Support Engineers

When you think about working in client support, you typically picture sitting in a cubicle somewhere in a soulless office park, wearing a headset, and asking people, “Well, did you try turning it off and then turning it back on?”

Let’s set the record straight: Support Engineering at Curalate is the complete opposite of that.

First of all, I do wear a headset – but only because I don’t think anyone else wants to listen to the Spotify ‘90s station all day long. Secondly, I work in our midtown Manhattan office, which is pretty much as far as you can get from an office park. And thirdly, our clients’ issues are almost never solved by simply clicking a button.

So if we aren’t sitting around talking on headsets all day, what does a Support Engineer actually do? The answer is: lots of stuff! Here’s an overview of what I love most about my job.

1. It’s literally never boring.curalate software engineers

One of the best things about being a Support Engineer at Curalate is how different each day is, thanks to the wide range of tasks and new challenges we get to take on. For example, I might spend my day digging into the complexities of Facebook’s Marketing API, then bug-bashing a new feature before it moves into beta, and then tweaking a Python script to automate a data pull. And as members of the Engineering team at Curalate, we get to work with and learn from some of the best software engineers on the planet and access the same tools they use, so we’re always learning and growing our technical skill-sets.

2. We help drive product decisions.

Our Product team provides the roadmap for our platform. Our Engineering team builds it. Our Success Managers help our clients understand how to use it. And as Support Engineers, we get to do all three.

Because we work directly with clients to help troubleshoot their issues and fulfill technical requests, we know firsthand how they’re using our platform and what improvements they’d like to see made. That insight enables us to provide data-driven recommendations to our Engineering and Product teams about what client issues are most pressing and how to build out product with their needs in mind.

3. We get to work directly with the world’s largest brands.

Support Engineers at Curalate not only help clients troubleshoot issues with our platform, but we’re also tapped to advise them on more advanced tasks, like how to format their product feeds or use UTM tags effectively. work at curalateAs client-facing representatives for our Engineering team, we work in tandem with our Success Managers to help our clients understand and make the most of our platform. Getting to work directly and form relationships with decision makers at world-class brands like Urban Outfitters, Lilly Pulitzer and Nordstrom is a huge perk of our role.

4. We have fun!

Hands down, the best part about working in Support Engineering is that it’s simply fun. We get to interact with nearly every team at Curalate, learn new things every day, and talk to awesome clients. We also get to work in a team-based environment where, when someone gets stuck on an issue, we all jump in to help. And of course, we get to take full advantage of Curalate’s excellent candy selection. But most importantly, when we’re happy, that means our clients are happy. And that’s, of course, what Curalate’s all about.

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The Author

Megan Bruce

Megan Bruce, Lead Support Engineer

Megan is a Lead Support Engineer in Curalate's New York City office. When she's not at work bashing bugs and taking names, you can find her drinking an IPA somewhere in Brooklyn.


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