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Building the Future of Visual Commerce

At Curalate, we believe that as the web and world become more visual, consumer behavior will fundamentally change. From the way that consumers discover products and brands to the way they buy, no part of the buyer journey will remain untouched. At stake is the $1.6 trillion e-commerce marketplace – and we’re going to reshape it. We’ve held onto this belief since we conceived Curalate in late 2011, and today over 800 of the world’s most loved brands have joined us on this journey.

In case you missed it, the last few weeks have been particularly eventful for all of us here at Curalate:

The Curalate Visual Commerce Platform - Our Team

We published a new website that better communicates our vision and who we are.

We launched the Emojini 3000, a fun (albeit productivity-foiling) app that, like concept cars, demonstrates technologies and innovations that could one day migrate into our platform.

We celebrated the holidays in true Curalate style (?).

And we raised $27.5 million. After all, modernizing marketing and e-commerce isn’t going to be cheap, and these funds make Curalate the best-funded visual commerce platform on the planet.

With our sights set toward the future, we wanted to take this opportunity to step back and share a few thoughts with you – a valued member of our community.

First off, thank you.

Building a business is no easy feat. You need a great team, great product, great customers, and perhaps most importantly of all, a great community. Over the last few years, we’ve worked tirelessly to grow this community – through our blog (150 information-packed articles and growing); through our resources (guides and playbooks designed to make you shine); through our social channels (what can we say, we’re talkers!); through in-person panels, events, dinners and happy hours (have we met yet, by the way?); and much, much more.

Whether you’re a global brand or a local business, thank you a million times over for joining our community – a community of modern marketers who have the foresight and fortitude to make their brands relevant to the consumers of tomorrow.

Now, here’s what you can expect from us.

There’s no question that this latest round of funding comes with an enormous amount of responsibility. Saying that we’re reshaping the $1.6 trillion global e-commerce marketplace understates our ambitions. In a world that’s dominated by visual content, we want to fundamentally change the way consumers discover, engage with, and buy from brands. These funds give us the means to realize this vision.

Here what it also means:

1. We’re here to stay. Visual commerce is a relatively new part of the marketing and e-commerce technology stack. However, these solutions already impact consumers at scale. With brands embedding our solutions into their sites, apps, emails and other touchpoints, the Curalate visual commerce platform now reaches millions of consumers per month. So it’s critical that our solutions run flawlessly. This round of funding ensures that we have the resources needed to scale our platform and business – massively.

2. We will accelerate innovation. Marketing is changing rapidly, and our solutions will keep pace. We are the market leader in visual commerce, in part, because of our ability to identify and build tomorrow’s solutions. With these funds, you will get more innovation, more insight, and more thought-leadership – faster.

Lastly, Our Promise to You

From new technologies to team members, it’s safe to say that Curalate will evolve significantly in the coming year. But our commitment to our community remains unchanged.

We can’t wait to continue on this journey with you.


Apu & Nick
Curalate Co-founders

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Curalate is the leading visual commerce platform used by hundreds of the world's most loved brands. We help marketing and e-commerce teams connect visual content to commerce throughout the customer journey to generate awareness, increase engagement, and drive revenue.


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