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Introducing Curalate Reveal: A Major Turning Point for Blogs

For the consumer of today, immediacy is imperative. The always-on shopper expects to be able to buy whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they are. Anything short of right now … and you’re already too late.

The reality, however, is that there’s a massive gap between consumer expectations and the retail experience. In response, brands are now seeking new and innovative ways to enable consumers to discover and buy products no matter what device they’re using or channel they’re on. For brands, blogs are a big part of this equation – an important editorial platform for telling stories, sharing ideas and showcasing products. On WordPress alone, over 409 million people view more than 19.4 billion pages every month. And Tumblr is home to a staggering 121 billion posts across 258 million blogs. Rest assured that these numbers will continue to grow.

But here’s the rub. While consumers encounter beautiful product imagery across brand and influencer blogs every day, it’s been frustratingly difficult to determine what products are within those pictures and whether they’re for sale. Today, that’s changing.

Introducing Curalate Reveal:

The first and only solution of its kind, Curalate Reveal enables consumers to discover and shop for the products they love by simply pointing to them within blog pictures. Already, we’ve seen incredibly promising results:

With Curalate Reveal, brands are driving a 110% increase in click-throughs on blogs. tweet

To demonstrate how Curalate Reveal is delivering value for brands, let’s take a look at three different use cases along with live examples from PBteen, Crate & Barrel, Murad and a major fashion e-tailer.

1. Optimize your blog for discovery and shopping.

When your customers are seeking a little inspiration or retail therapy, they routinely look to the images and ideas shared across their favorite blogs. Curalate Reveal dramatically improves the browsing experience by making it easy for consumers to identify the products they want in the images they love. All they have to do is point and click.

See It In Action

Reveal_comparisonIn this example, you’ll notice the “old way” of tagging editorial content alongside an image that makes use of Curalate Reveal.

Old: Large chunks of text don’t just look clunky, but they require effort to sift through, too. Moreover, because product names tend to be nondescript (e.g. The Jasper and Betsy Leather Jackets), it’s often unclear which hyperlink a reader should click on.

Now: Curalate Reveal eliminates confusion around what a product is and how to learn more about it. Consumers can quickly “reveal” all featured items, select the product they want, and click through to shop. It’s that simple.

Here’s a great example of Curalate Reveal in action on the PBteen blog. Each image was shared by a PBteen fan using the hashtag #mypbteen.

pbteen visual commerce blog

Another awesome example comes from Crate & Barrel, who’s known for sharing tasty recipes contributed by well-known food bloggers. Each blog contains professional quality images. The team is using Curalate Reveal to tag these photos with everything from muffin tins to measuring cups – and anything else needed to achieve pastry perfection.

crate and barrel visual commerce blog

2. Drive traffic and revenue from influencers.

Brands are increasingly turning to influencer marketing to reach a large, targeted and highly engaged audience. Curalate Reveal makes this relationship even more valuable. Simply share your Curalate Reveal with one or many brand influencers to provide an easier and more reliable way to drive traffic back to your website. It’s a win-win. Marketers can demonstrate how their influencer partnerships are driving traffic and revenue, while influencers can better prove their value to brands.

See It In Action

shopbop influencer marketing

One fashion e-tailer is using Curalate Reveal to distribute productized images to multiple blog partners. Each image—a product-packed outfit laydown tailored to the influencer’s sartorial style—drives to between five and nine products that the brand sells. Readers can quickly figure out what an item is by hovering over the image, and with a single click, learn more about it. At the same time, the brand is able to minimize human error by ensuring that influencers properly link to the pictured products.

3. Make your best assets even better.

You spend a ton of time and money sourcing and developing powerful images. But the struggle to turn short-lived social images into ongoing revenue drivers is real! Curalate Reveal solves for this by giving you another environment in which to showcase your content, while at the same time making it easy for consumers to discover and shop the products in blog pictures.

See It In Action

murad visual commerce blog

Popular skin care brand Murad had a strong presence during New York Fashion Week. They took a ton of photos to document their experience, and then shared behind-the-scenes footage with their social communities. While the team posted images to Twitter and Instagram, engagement on these channels doesn’t last long. Enter Curalate Reveal.

To reinvigorate top photos from Fashion Week, Murad shared a recap of the big event on their blog. They used Curalate Reveal to link their Fashion Week assets to various skin care products, giving readers an effortless way to discover big beauty trends from the event. Now, Murad customers can quickly ‘get the look’ too.

More on the horizon …

In addition to Curalate Reveal, we’re also excited to share an important update to our visual commerce platform that will make your daily workflow even easier. All Curalate clients now have access to a feature called Universal Image Actions. Whether you’d like to schedule an image to Instagram, request usage rights from a fan, approve content for your Fanreel, or push an image to Curalate Reveal, Universal Image Actions enables you to take action on your content from wherever you are in the dashboard.

If you’re a Curalate client, contact your Success Manager today to learn more about how this latest launch of products and features can enhance your visual commerce strategy. Not a Curalate client? Not to worry! We’d love to connect and chat about how you can drive engagement, traffic and revenue with images today.

shoppable images

The Author

Stacy Goodman

Stacy Goodman, Content Manager

Prior to joining Curalate, Stacy wrote copy on the agency side for brands like TUMS, Sleep Number, Coca-Cola and Visa Small Business. Now, she writes about them as a Content Strategist at Curalate, focusing on visual trends, customer stories and best practices across social, mobile and digital.


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  1. Brad Hess says:

    Pretty slick… nice work guys!

    Do you tag up the products in the image yourself as the blogger, or does it automagically recognize the products in the image? Either way, that is cool 🙂

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