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This Week in Visual: New Ads, New Apps and More

Tumblr’s been making major moves the last few days. This week’s roundup explores the platform’s new app features, latest ad campaigns, and ways brands can use it and other visual channels to build their audiences.

1. Tumblr debuts new ad that sits at the top of users’ dashboards for 24 hours.

“Tumblr [just released] an ad product called Sponsored Day that allows marketers to appear at the top of viewers’ dashboards for a 24-hour period. Nike is the first brand to buy the promo as part of its #betterforit campaign, which aims to sell its line of women’s workout gear with a big, integrated media push. Desktop viewers can click through the Sponsored Day ad to watch a video for the sneaker company, while mobile consumers will see a static image.”

2. Tumblr 4.0 arrives on iOS with better blogging tools, filtered search, and more.

“The new application, which also now appears under a revamped app icon, includes a number of features previously available only on desktop, like the ability to create secondary blogs on the fly or submit to submission blogs.”

3. Best practices from Tumblr’s top brands.

“What do the successful blogs have in common? It’s actually pretty simple; they get to know their audience on Tumblr, and they post content that works well for that audience.”

4. Tinder cuddles up to Instagram in latest update.

“Tinder released an update today that integrates directly with Instagram, letting users scroll through the Instagram profiles of their potential matches within the app itself. … With Instagram inside Tinder, users can click into a user’s Instagram profile and see the most recent 34 pictures, with the ability to click directly into their profile to see the whole thing, check out comments, who liked it, and more granular details.”

5. Pinterest has a simple secret for getting creative with brands.

“Kevin Knight, Pinterest’s top brand strategy exec, explains why companies should put away the dazzle when it comes to social media. … ‘Social media engagement’ is a modern marketing phrase that means both everything and nothing – brands today can’t live without it, but it can create a lot of meaningless noise (or worse).”

6. Stuart Weitzman has a creative new multi-channel ad campaign on social.

“Instagram and Facebook are more entwined than ever, especially for advertisers, who now have a potentially powerful new marketing strategy – using video ads on one to drive sales on the other. Stuart Weitzman, the fashion brand, is one of the first marketers to buy video ads on Instagram, and then send product posts on Facebook to a custom audience of people who viewed the ad.”

7. Instagram takes another step toward ecommerce, has eye on click-to-shop ads.

“In its slow but steady embrace of ecommerce, Instagram is running its first marketing campaigns that transform viewers into shoppers with a single click. Finally, retailers can link to product pages from their Instagram ads—a feature Banana Republic was among the first to employ—and still more sophisticated ads are in the works.”

8. 4 types of boards for your brand’s Pinterest.

Brands can take advantage of boards not only to bring order to their profile, but also to help strategize what they do and don’t pin. TechRepublic lists four types of boards that brands can use to organize their Pinterest accounts.

9. National Geographic has one of the most effective social media strategies on the planet.

“NatGeo has become the largest, fastest-growing, and most-interacted profile on Instagram. The photo/video sharing app offers elements of a high-end magazine – a perfect fit to house NatGeo’s amazing footage and images from their global community of visual storytellers.”

10. Start capturing “real” moments on Instagram.

As a contributor to National Geographic, Ami Vitale has been able to capture awe-inspiring photos around the world. Her nearly 200K Instagram followers seem to agree. In this blog post, Ami offers her perspective on taking awesome images.

Photography Tips from Top Instagram Influencers

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