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This Week in Visual: Touchdowns & Truffles

Ah, February. A month filled with football, groundhogs and yes, love. Let’s take a look at the biggest news items of the week, shall we?

1. Retailers: Here’s how you can differentiate your brand this Valentine’s Day.

“Valentine’s Day no longer creeps up for shoppers, as visual networks such as Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram serve as constant reminders… The smartest retailers will play into the newer technologies and social tools to grab shoppers’ attention early.”

2. These brands scored the most Super Bowl buzz.

Wondering which ads came out on top? This top 10 list accounts for all posts and sentiments shared by viewers across Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter to reveal which commercial received the most acclaim. So, who came in first?

3. Tap into Pinterest’s latest search updates with these 4 tips.

Over the past 10 months, Pinterest has released a series of updates to facilitate discovery and enhance user engagement. Here’s how your team can pin down a strategy that adapts to these changes.

4. Digital love: How luxury retailers are driving Valentine’s Day gifting online.

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, retailers are pushing to prompt ecommerce sales by investing in their digital channels. Take a look at a few great promotions from Harrods, Saks and Bloomingdale’s.

5. Lowe’s releases Instagram ad to sync with the Super Bowl.

Lowe’s Instagram campaign revolves around the concept ‘Hypermade,“ showing off little projects in super-fast speed. The two videos highlight helpful projects for Super Bowl party fans.

6. From Pinterest to Himterest: What do men want in a dude board?

Pinterest is now appealing to more male users with a gendered search feature. Here’s some man stuff—like beards—that might tickle the masculine fancy.

7. A detailed breakdown of “The Datafication of Marketing.”

“Social media gives marketers more than vanity metrics… social also provides an inside look into why consumers like a specific brand and insight into what motivates them.” Here’s a closer look at how marketers can go about collecting and using social data.

8. Instagram introduces endlessly looping videos.

“Instagram has tweaked its video settings so that clips automatically replay in users’ streams — a change that will be mainly welcomed by #brands keen to get as many views for their ads as possible.”

9. Gap launches the very first Instagram soap opera.

Gap has been a strong proponent of Instagram advertising. Now, the company is broadening the format of their Instagram video ads. Gap will be releasing a series of 12 short films—15-seconds each—on Instagram, telling a love story between actors Jenny Slate and Paul Dano.

10. Here are 5 ways Pinterest is edging out Facebook.

“Pinterest has always seemed like Facebook’s cozy little sister… But underestimating Pinterest would be a huge mistake. As social networks go, Pinterest doesn’t get a whole lot of respect, which will make it even more surprising when Pinterest eats its competitors alive.”

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Lucy Xu

Lucy Xu, Community Manager

Lucy is the Community Manager at Curalate. She enjoys tweeting, 'gramming and staying on top of visual and digital marketing trends. Outside of Curalate, Lucy is active in the NYC tech scene, working to connect and build the community of entrepreneurs in the city as Social Media Manager of Startup Grind NYC.


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