3 Ways Retailers Can Visually Prepare for Post-Holiday Shopping, Both Online and Offline+

The holiday shopping season is coming to a close. By now you’ve already put your strategy...

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[INTERVIEW] Why Brands Need to Become Observers+

Curalate’s CEO Apu Gupta had a chance to chat big picture during November’s Social Marketing Expo...

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[Study] 6 Image Qualities Which May Drive More Likes on Instagram+

For brands on Instagram, Likes don’t just represent engagement, they represent permission! Consumers who are liking...

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On Pinterest 70% of Brand Engagement is Community Driven [INFOGRAPHIC]+

We took a look at Pinterest engagement specific to the Fashion/Retail, Automotive and Electronics industries and found that...

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Marketing Evolution: How Brands Can Move From Text To Images+

The sheer volume of images generated on social media is staggering. Between Facebook and Instagram alone,...

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Curalate’s Secret Sauce: How We Process Pictures+

We at Curalate often get questions regarding how our image recognition technology works. In all honesty,...

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Presidential Polls, Pinterest Style! [INFOGRAPHIC]+

PRESS COVERAGE Mashable: Who’s Winning the Pinterest Election? [INFOGRAPHIC] The Hill: President Obama, Ann Romney winning...

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Why Pinterest is Important for TV Brands+

“Pinterest provides studios a way to extend the episode, studios have enormous amounts of visual assets at...

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