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A stylish picture of sneakers that a user posted on Instagram is not only creative social...

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Yes, Instagram has been a boon for brands — a self-promotion-safe space to showcase products and...

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Curalate’s CEO Apu Gupta had a chance to chat big picture during November’s Social Marketing Expo...

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3 Ways Brands Use Pinterest and Instagram to Build Meaningful Customer Relationships+

Social media conversations are shifting from text to pictures, making images the new language of fan...

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[Study] 6 Image Qualities Which May Drive More Likes on Instagram+

For brands on Instagram, Likes don’t just represent engagement, they represent permission! Consumers who are liking...

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3 Ways Images Are Changing the Role of Social Media Marketers+

With the rapid emergence of visual social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, brands and consumers...

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Six Ways to Beautify Your Pins in 60 Seconds+

Marketing is becoming more real time and brands are seeking to have a more authentic and...

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Beautify Your Content: 8 Image Features that Shine on Pinterest+

In order to better understand how brands can drive consumer engagement with images, Curalate‘s data science team...

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On Pinterest 70% of Brand Engagement is Community Driven [INFOGRAPHIC]+

We took a look at Pinterest engagement specific to the Fashion/Retail, Automotive and Electronics industries and found that...

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Three ways Pinterest fits into your company’s branding strategy+

Last fall, Pinterest invited businesses to start building their own boards alongside the platform’s individual users....

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